Interview with Mrs Röhrs (cont.)
Sphesihle: What are the best memories that you take with you from these years?
Mrs. Röhrs:Sjoe – that is a big question. There are so many good memories on all levels to cherish.
Just to be able to drive from the tarred road to the school in the early morning and late afternoon with the Abbey and the dam in your view; the Brahman cattle moving to the fence to listen to the students singing on the verandah during Assembly; the music: a hymn to start the day; the choir; Inkamana has talent: our concerts of which Ipi Ntombi was absolutely the most outstanding. The energy and joy is incredible.
To get to know our students – I learnt over the years to have a lot of respect for children who come to a boarding school – sometimes from difficult home situations - and become responsible young adults and alumni who are hard working and respected.