Welcome Miss Shozi
Miss N. Shozi joined the Inkamana Staff as the new History and Geography teacher in Grade 8 and Life Orientation teacher as from term 2. Inkamana would like to welcome her on the staff and wishes her a happy and fruitful stay at Inkamana. Miss Shozi is also the new matron at the hostel and was given a warm welcome by the girls. This is what Miss Shozi shared.
Interviewer: Where did you teach before?
Miss Shozi: I was teaching at Umuzokhanyayo High School from 2011 to 2017. I taught History from grade 8 to 12 and Life Orientation in grade 8 and 9. As from second term 2018 I began teaching at Inkamana High School.
I: What were your first impressions of Inkamana High School since you have started?
Miss Shozi: My first impressions were that this is a friendly place to be in since everyone here is always smiling and acknowledging everyone who passes by. I thought that the school has a good work ethic seeing how everyone works so hard from teachers to the students.