Thank you from Mrs. Isabel Steenkamp
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the wonderful people I had the privilege to work with at Inkamana.
The Tutzing Sisters will always be an inspiration for me to be a servant leader. The present and past teachers for unselfish service to education, friendship and care - special people whose legacy will be carried to future generations in many ways. The monks and nuns who were involved in the school over the past 96 years in many different ways. Their example of Ora et Labora carried the education at the school.

The monks and nuns who served in the hostel and supported the Inkamana students in so many ways. Abbot Gernot and Abbot Godfrey who valued education and supported the education at the school in a practical way every day. Abbot John-Paul and the present members of Inkamana Abbey who care about the school and are willing to get personally involved. Abbot President Jeremias and the monks of St. Ottilien for support and welcoming IHS at the Circus.