At the end of the 2018 school year we Inkyís have so much to be grateful for. The Inkamana School Community has a very special ethos of respect and care - and this is shown on a daily basis by the teachers, students, parents as well as the Inkamana Community. The clever Aristotle BC already said that ethos consists of three parts - good moral character - good sense - good attitude. A good ethos creates trust when those who implement that shares good goals and good values. Keep it up Inkyís
Schools need support to become centres of excellence that are able to help students to develop in a holistic way - to find identity, meaning and purpose in life. In that way schools can produce well educated students who also have caring hearts and are able to apply different skills. Inkamana is grateful for the support from the Inkamana Community, the Alumni, Donors, Friends of Inkamana in South Africa and internationally. Without their support IHS cannot maintain the high standards we belief our children deserve.
Malcolm X said that education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.
Inkamana High School strives to be a school in the service of the Lord. We are so grateful that we can live forward in the trust that He will guide us as a school community like He did for 95 years up to now.
May your Christmas be filled with kindness and peace and may your 2019 be blessed. May we all help each other to shine the light of Christ at IHS and wherever we are.