Inkamana High School celebrated its 95th birthday during term 2 together with the community, teachers, students, parents, alumni and friends. Preparing for the centenary the question to be adressed is: What is the essence of excellent education?
At Inkamana we belief in strong roots and strong wings.
Strong roots originate from family values that are strong enough to produce an authentic person. These values are cultivated by the school and community. Values like respect, compassion, integrity, love and faith grow strong people who can become good leaders.
Parents have to take responsibility as role models to inspire and support their children in the process of growing up well, with values that are stronger than the fear for other people. Value based education will enhance and this process..
The aim is to raise a child with the ability to take responsibility for his/her own choices and actions and eventually takes responsibility for his/her goals and future. To become a person who has the compassion and care and love to take a shared responsibility for a community.