It takes a village to raise a child - and we are that village.
† All the mothers and fathers, guardians, grannies, teachers, neighbors, friends and people who care, are the people of our village. We interact and build relationships that can help a child to grow and become his own best; that can help a family to be happy and help a community to flourish.
† The quality of our relationships will determine the progress of our village. Relations in which we practice Ubuntu - to care for the welfare of others like we do for ourselves.
† The relationships in our families can build self-confidence and a sense of belonging. Strong positive relationships develop resilience to daily challenges. It is through relationships with others that we learn to give back, pay forward and share love and care.
† When children build strong positive relationships with adults and peers, they learn how to interact in a respectful manner with different people. They gain skills to live successfully in a diverse world with many challenges.