Student Interview with Mrs. I Steenkamp

Mrs Isabel Steenkamp retired from Inkamana High School at the end of 2019. Mrs. Steenkamp started at Inkamana High School in 1982 and became the Principal in 1997. In the 28 years she had been at Inkamana the school saw a lot of changes under her leadership.
InterviewerHow did you become a teacher at Inkamana?
Mrs. Steenkamp:One of my Bible study friends was a teacher at Inkamana and she was looking for someone to help out while she was on sick leave.
InterviewerWhat was your first impression when you arrived here?
Mrs. Steenkamp:The Tutzing Sisters were wonderful people to work with - well educated and true examples of servant leaders
InterviewerDid the students change in their attitude and academics from then to now?
Mrs. Steenkamp:The students did not change. Respect for others as well as for education defined the typical Inkamana student then and now and the Benedictine values remained the foundation of the school.