Parents’ Day
‘Quality education is incomplete without a student, teacher and especially a parent’. On 18 August 2018 Inkamana High School was packed with parents who were keen to know about their child’s progress at school. The Grade 11s served tea and biscuits since it was freezing cold. The Grade 10s were selling mouth-watering muffins since they are busy with their fundraising for 2019. As the saying goes, curiosity killed the cat’ so were the Grade 8 parents as they wanted to know how their little ‘nunus’ are coping with high school. The students were on their toes hoping the teachers would sell good stories to their parents. It was such a pleasure to have our parents on campus.

Building young entrepreneurs
Allan Gray is a company with the purpose to cultivate responsible entrepreneurship. They want to find and help youngsters with a high level of curiosity and innovative ideas. They want critical thinkers, problem-solvers and people with resilience. Allan Gray focuses on creating entrepreneurial mind-sets, developing entrepreneurial skills and relevance in African context, while understanding entrepreneurial skills in all other countries. AGEC (Allan Gray Entrepreneurship Challenge) is a competition launched in high schools, developed by Mr Anthony Selley to create an active mind, using games, to develop entrepreneurial skills. Allan Gray in partnership with the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation are running the AGEC. It has been running for 4 years now. The challenges are designed to engage participants to become active thinkers and innovators. All those who took part in this will tell you that it needed time and dedication. It was fruitful for all.