Preparing for the future..

Thank you SAICA and THUTHUKA!
Nine Inkamana students attended the SAICA THUTHUKA Winter Maths Camp from 3-8 July where they spoke the language of Maths for a whole week. “It was exciting and helpful” the fortunate students said. The school is very proud of them, and know that they will pay forward all the knowledge they received there. Thank you again for representing the school and for flying the Inkamana flag high. Inkamana is also grateful to SAICA and THUTHUKA where leaders of tomorrow are built today!

TWK visits Inkamana
Two successful, young ladies paid Inkamana a visit on 17 August 2017. They enlightened the Grade 11 and matric students on the agricultural company, TWK, which they work for. The subject at hand was bursaries. Although TWK is an agricultural company, it offers bursaries for any course that will make you a valuable asset to the company once you are qualified. In gratitude, the qualified recipient of the bursary has to work at TWK for the number of years he or she was sponsored. After this period, the recipient may land him or herself a permanent job at TWK or venture elsewhere. Besides the fact that bursaries from TWK cater for everything, recipients are also given the opportunity to gain work experience, as TWK provides them with holiday jobs.
The selected candidate will be announced at the Prize Giving.