Lectio Divina
On 1 May 2017 Inkamana High School had a Lectio Divina where the teachers, nuns, monks and the students gathered to share and meditate on the word of God. Father Boniface opened this day with a prayer. The students were divided into small groups and the leader of each group was an adult including both staff members and brothers from the Monastery. This Lectio Divina was about real love and how to express it to other people. Everyone learned how to build healthy community relationships and how to grow spiritually and mentally. It was indeed a fruitful day.

South African National Blood Service
Every person who donates blood is unique and special. On Tuesday 30 May 2017, Inkamana built community by donating blood. All who were fit to donate had their red T-shirts on and excitement ran high! Only 30 minutes - donating of your time and of your blood - were asked to give the nation higher life expectancy!!
22 units of blood were donated.
Donate blood and be a life changer!