2017 Theme - I Build Community

"I Care," "Inkamana DNA," "Pay It Forward" ...

These are the themes that have kept the Inkamana spirit going. The theme for 2017 is Building a Community. It is all about doing something, not for your own benefit, but for the benefit of others. You don't need to have money to do this. Building a Community can simply be finding a solution to one's problem or just putting a smile on someone's face. So, let us stand up and Build Community, because TOGETHER WE CAN help each other in many ways.

St Benedict's Day

On 21 March 2017 the Inkamana community celebrated St Benedict's Day at the Abbey. The service was led by Father John Paul. We also celebrated Father Peter Blue's 65 years Jubilee of being in the monastery and Father Leo's 50 years Jubilee of missionary service in Northern KZN. We were joined by the Mayor of Vryheid and other members of the Vryheid community. We wish the two priest well on their journey and we pray that the Lord grants them many more years.