St Scholastica Girls’ hostel
After three weeks of peace and quiet, the St. Scholastica Girls’ Hostel was buzzing with the energy of the girls when they arrived on 15 July 2018. On 22 August the girls celebrated Sister Tecla’s ( who is the hostel mistress) birthday. The girls enjoyed celebrating this day with Sr. Tecla not only because there was birthday cake, but because she is their beloved caregiver when they are away from home. The girls would like to wish Sr. Tecla a wonderful year with many blessings showered upon her.
Spring arrived and the Grade 8s and 9s got to go to the dam with Miss Shozi. Here they enjoyed the cool water, taking pictures and identifying different insects as part of their Geography lesson.
Then the hostel has become a silent place as the matrics were preparing for their Trial Examinations. The girls had to keep away from the matric study rooms and from singing out loud.
What excitement and joy as the girls’ hostel got a make-over in the fourth term.. Through the gracious help of sponsors the St. Scholastica hostel has been able to have renovations. Meanwhile everyone walked around with books, preparing for the exams. There was a lot of hard work and determination coming from all the girls. There is a serious atmosphere and everyone is helping everyone
S’bahle Hlongwane & Wanele Mthethwa