St Joseph Boys’ Hostel
This was a very short term, with everyone focused on their final examinations. The Matrics started with their final exams on 23 October, and it was time for them to think about their future and start saying their final goodbyes
On 08 November the final exams for Grade 8-11 started and all the boys focused on their studies and revision. A special thanks to our boarding masters, Fr. Dominic and Br. Damian for making 2019 an enjoyable year in the boys’ hostel.
Anele Mnyango
St Scholastica Girls’ hostel
On 30 September 2019, the Inkamana girls returned to their home away from home for their last term this year. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement to be back mixed with a bit of determination for the upcoming exams. The matric girls received blessings and support from the St. Scholastica girls’ hostel as they were placed in their prayers for their final exams. A huge thank you to Miss Shozi and Sr. Tecla for ensuring that everyone is happy and comfortable at the hostel - it is appreciated since it is not the easiest job to do so.
Avele Magubane