St Joseph Boys’ Hostel

St Joseph’s Boys Hostel is a place like no other. When the day came after the holidays for the boys to return to the hostel, it was a day full of excitement as they shared their experiences. This term has been a memorable one with some very special events. The boys were blessed with a visit from the Inkamana alumni who have also lived in the same hostel that they currently occupy. It was fascinating to hear about all the fun memories they made while they were still at school. Moreover this was a very busy term, due to the fact that it was an exam term and every boy in the hostel was determined to study hard and obtain excellent results. What would our hostel be without our two highly appreciated boarding masters? We sincerely thank Brother Alphonsus and Brother Damian who continue to do an exceptional job. St Joseph’s Boys Hostel is and will always be our home away from home.
Siyabonga Ngubane