In February 1923, boarding at IHS consisted of nothing more than a dormitory for boys housed in the school building. By the end of the same year a St. Scholastica's girls hostel had been completed close to the convent. From the very beginning all students at IHS were boarders. In 1926, the boys were able to move into their new boarding house, a long building which also housed the monastery carpentry shop and workshops.

The first structure to be built on the present site of St. Josephs Boys' Hostel dates from 1932. Twelve years later a double storey dormitory building for the boys was erected on the same site and extensions were also made to the girls' hostel. This was done in order to accommodate the ever-increasing number of pupils attending school.

In 1980, a completely new girls' hostel was built, and the boys' boarding house was thoroughly renovated and upgraded six years later. These changes marked a huge improvement in the quality of the students' living quarters and study environment. Next