During all these years Mr. Gregory’s parlour was his kingdom. He not only had a lab but he also had his parlour which often became the confession room and retreat for many students. One of the Alumni remembered how he could just sit there in companionable silence when he had troubles at home - experiencing the understanding and comfort offered. So much so that Mrs. Steenkamp often asked him: You have’nt started smoking?
Mr Gregory was a devoted choir master at Inkamana since 1991 The parlour was the place where the famous choir tours were planned. The first choir tour took place in 1998. One Alumnus remembered that finances were the big stumbling block and often during that year Mr. Gregory would report to the choir that they still did not have enough money – but not one moment he wavered in his conviction. They held concerts all over town to raise funds. One such concert was in Bhekezulu – and when they arrived, there was only one person in the audience - and she was a family member! The choir learnt a few lessons that night : you do what you are suppose to do; you persevere; respect the audience and sing your heart out. Which is exactly what they did.
That is also precisely what Mr. Gregory did - worked endlessly to raise funds and when the designated day to leave came, the bus was waiting to take them for 10 days to the Cape. The infamous tour to Mozambique was another. In Maputo the much praised accommodation turned out to be a chicken factory of some sort... but nevertheless. The choir persevered and sang whenever and wherever the opportunity arose.